Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Total Solar Eclipse Articles

Hi all

I've added two new Total Solar Eclipse articles to the Projects and Articles page.

They are now also moved to a new "Celestial Events" section in the Articles list.

The November 2012 eclipse in Cairns is the first one for Australia since the 2002 South Australian eclipse, and it's going to be an absolutely huge event.

I'd really recommend to start your planning now, as any accommodation in the area is likely to be almost booked out already, or will get more expensive the longer you wait.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

IceInSpace AstroCamp 2010

Hi all


The next IISAC event, IISAC2010, will be held over 3 nights from the 7th - 10th October, 2010(Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights).

It will again be held at Lostock, in the Hunter Valley of NSW where the previous four IISAC events were held. It has given us spectacular dark skies, great amenities and great company.

Keep an eye on this page early in 2010 as it will be updated with more info about IISAC2010 as the event organisation gets underway!

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Welcome To Nebulator

This is a Site for fun loving amateur astronomers in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

NEBULATOR provides a focus for people interested in Astronomy to do astronomy and have fun. Members come from all walks of life and have a diverse range of interests, some have telescopes and some don't -- all you need to join is anything ranging from an interest to a passion for astronomy.

Enjoy friendly forums, post pictures and
make new friends

So hope to see you.. and thanks for visiting..


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A couple of quick updates of some recent activity in Astronomy (a larger update will happen in the next week or so when i've got time to edit the articles/reviews that have been submitted).

The Mars Pheonix Lander has safely landed on Mars - an amazing accomplishment after a 9-month journey to the red planet. The Pheonix Lander is not a rover like Spirit and Opportunity - it now stays where it landed (in the northern pole region), using digging tools to sample the martian soil and analyse it for water and carbon-compounds - hopefully revealing potential signs of current or past microbial life.

NACAA 2010, Canberra ACT

NACAA, the National Convention of Amatuer Astronomers Inc, is holding its 24th bi-annual convention this year,2010, in Canberra ACT over the Easter long weekend, April 2-5.

It's looking like another great event, with a excellent range of guest speakers, workshops and activities for amateur astronomers. The theme for this years convention is "Astronomy in the On-Line Age".

Check out the programme for a full list of activities, and here's a few highlights:

  • The inaugural John Perdrix Address by Dr Tom Richards
  • Two workshops on Friday April 2 covering the new version of the VStar variable star analysis software package from David Benn, and expert advice on high-resolution planetary imaging from Anthony Wesley
  • Hristo Pavlov will convene the Fourth Trans-Tasman Symposium on Occultations on Monday April 5
  • A tour of the new Mount Stromlo Observatory prior to the BBQ on Sunday April 4
  • An excursion to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex at Tidbinbilla on Monday April 5
  • Dr Simon O'Toole will talk about the hunt for exoplanets and the role of amateurs
  • The entertaining Dr Charley Lineweaver will talk at the dinner on the question of life in the universe
  • Dr Daniel Shaddock of the ANU will talk about detecting gravity waves

Check out the NACAA 2010 site for more information, including how to get there, accommodation options etc, and when you're ready, you can register online.